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Outstanding Legal Representation and Public Service

Attorney and counselor at law M. Zachary Jex of Jex Law Firm knows the way to effective legal representation is through communication, diligent research, and aggressive advocacy.

He serves the public as a prosecutor in the Adams County Youth Court, and also practices privately.

Jex Law Firm's private practice includes criminal defense,

family law, business law, contracts, and personal injury. As a prosecutor he represents the State of Mississippi in the prosecution of juvenile delinquency and parental neglect cases.


Mr. Jex was educated at the University of Mississippi and graduated in 2008 as a Doctor of Law (J.D.) and with a degree

in English.


He is active in entrepreneurial pursuits and in the promotion of local business interests through mobile platforms and

website development.

A Well-Rounded Background in

Law and Business

Count on Jex Law Firm for legal services that combine a sound background with a business-minded spirit.

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